Gargoyle Grip is an equipment rental company based in New Orleans, LA that provides camera jibs, sliders, dolly track, car rigging, remote heads, and specialty rigging to support professional film productions. We specialize in motion camera setups like process trailers, tracking shots, and choreographed hand-offs.

Track and Sliders

GI Track | Losmandy Portaglides | 8 Ball Camera Slider | Studio Carts Track Cart

Camera movement is a vital part of visual story telling. That's why our earliest investments were were in dolly track and camera sliders. These basic tools are the moving foundations on which more complex shots are built. 

Ronin 2 Remote Head Cart

DJI Master Wheels | Small HD 1303 | Wireless Intercoms

The film industry is changing rapidly. Creatives are starting to see the value of having ready access to remote control capability over the image. Keeping an image stabilized 3 axis head close at hand means unparalleled flexibility in creative choices. 
The Gargoyle Grip R2 Head cart kit was designed with flexibility in mind. If used in conjunction with a dedicated camera body the kit allows the camera team to transition the camera between handheld, studio, and ronin build with reduced set up time.

Vehicle Rigging

Hostess Trays, Hoodmounts, Specialty Rigs

As cameras become smaller it takes an engineering mindset to understand the creative opportunities for new camera placements. 

Understanding how the hardware from the past works with the technology of the future is our primary focus. 


Modular jib arm with reach 4' - 16' reach

From the many options the Multijib impressed us with its compact form factor and intuitive assembly. Its shortest builds made it viable for tabletop work while its max reach is good for an exterior establishing shots on track. 

With this range of build modes the GF-Multijib competes well with it's cousin the GF-8 and is more versatile than smaller jibs like the Vario Jib. This makes it an ideal selection for long form narrative development.

Custom Carts and Buildouts

With a mindset for continued improvement all new equipment is evaluated for optimal storage and transport solutions. This process streamlines their use and allows for greater creative flexibility when it matters most. 

Quick Vid Kit 

A 3 display monitor cart built for maximum efficiency

Without a reference image everything on set moves slower. With this in mind we developed a mobile rig that includes three 17.3" 4K ready HD Displays on a robust mobile platform that can navigate over the toughest terrain. 

The mounting system includes articulating height & width adjustment for each display as well as an adjustable receiver mount. This allows you to raise the receivers higher for better signal strength and lower for passing through doorways.

The video connections on these monitors include industry standard SDI as well as many others.

For power these monitors accept 4 Pin XLR, Gold Mount, V Mount, or house power. 

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